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Dylan Gray has booted up one of the gaming classics in his latest album ‘Graystation’, a play on the console which enveloped his youth. 

The Brummie producer and now emcee first entered the scene under the alias dylantheinfamous putting together the beats for one of CLBRKS’ early albums ‘Igloo.’ before making a name for himself (with me at least) on languid.oceans’ self-named debut drop. 

It wasn’t until this year that Dylan decided to add some of his own words to his wondrous beats releasing ‘Doubt Self’ under the alias Dylan Gray back in May. ‘Graystation’ then carries with it perhaps slightly more mic confidence than its predecessor, which is demonstrated through the one-line flows of early release single ‘IDC’ and the extremely comical ‘Machines’. 

Dylan does require assistance through some of the 12-levels here though. He passes the controller around Bisk, Obijuan, 99PIRATE, Elijah Bank$y and YAJVADER who all lend a hand for the ever-daunting boss fight that waits.   

‘Graystation’ is out everywhere now along with a limited edition CD available to cop from Dylan Gray’s Bandcamp so you can show your support. The artwork also definitely deserves a mention; simple, effective and nostalgic- @lilsaucy.knuckles is to thank. 

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