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I’m at that point where I want to adjust my position in constantly offering people info who aren’t keen on following it up with their own research.

I used to work in sales and it is all about convincing people they want something that they often don’t need. So then, how can I be expected to sell something people need but don’t want? At what fucking point am I supposed to give up on people that otherwise claim to say they know me but don’t invest in how systemic racism isn’t a paranoid delusion or a guilt trip based on a misplaced ego?

These people genuinely don’t understand me, as denying my experience is really an attempt to defend a comfort zone I can no longer support. If you’re reading this and you are one of those friends, don’t think this is ex-communication.

No, it’s a statement of fact: I can no longer talk to you about race.


The Black Curriculum

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