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Casper The Ghost, whose name may ring a bell from the 40’s favourite Casper the Friendly Ghost, has self-released just her second-ever track ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. 

Not to be confused with the Van Morrison classic, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ started as a soppy love song, but as Casper, herself says “things changed, so I started making it about liking someone you know you shouldn’t”. 

Coming up through Brighton music charity AudioActive, Casper’s debut drop ‘Text Me Twice’ welcomed nationwide applause after being picked up by the revered Majestic Casual Youtube channel, who ended up releasing the track for her. 

A suitably introverted, discreet character, Casper the Ghost collates Hip-hop, Trip-hop, R&B and Electronic music to which she adds her own blend of softly spoken lyricism. ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is her first contribution to 2021 and I’m sure I won’t be alone in wishing it’s not her last, for this is a ghost concerned with a whole lot more than just haunting big Victorian houses.

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