Shayan Fatani

It’s not just about the lyrics anymore- It’s about telling a story through sound and that is the goal of Shayan Fatani. “It’s taken me some time to learn, grow and understand myself and who I am as an artist and a producer” His songs are a musical charter of core memories in his journey as a young man till now. Style blurring. Sound Scape Heavy. Experiences. Instances. Moments in time. That’s just some of the many dimensions and shades of his catalogue of songs. Moody one second. Joyous in the next. Be ready to be thrown about on the pendulum of feeling. Fatani’s current music has a natural progression where he is experimenting with narrative boundaries. In his lyrics, he’s picked apart random sounds and hesitating dialogues and twisting and morphing these into delicious pops, stutters and hiccups; intelligently re-writing the story, in connection with who he is whilst connecting with a very special audience.

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